Porters Pinball Parlor

So, a new business opened up across the street from my office. It is called Porter’s Pinball Parlor. As you would imagine, it is a pinball arcade of sorts. I came down to Final Friday as I normally do with the kids. Violet likes going to the various shops and Monty just likes to go to my office. I stopped in MOTR for a quick beverage and gave Monty a buck to go over to Porters and play some pinball. He came back a few minutes later and said he was told he was not allowed in. Finding that hard to believe, as he had been there many times before, I took a stroll over and see what was up. Sure enough, I was told “No kids”.


Well, Porter’s Pinball Parlor, just a quick FYI… MOTR has a better pinball selection and they have no problem letting my kids play. Good luck paying your rent to Urban Sites when you will not let kids play your machines. I will never be back.


My new best friend

Meet my cardiologist, Dr. James Kong. He is the guy that keeps me alive. I can not say enough good things about him and his staff.

I just found out I have to back in to the hospital and go under the scapel. There is an issue with my ticker and they want to look at it closer.

The up side is that I live.

The down side is that I will not be riding for a while.

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